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Welcome to the official $VROOM tokenomics guide, brought to you by Aluminum Grounds. This manual will help you understand the inner workings of your $VROOM token and how it powers our community.


(Operating Instructions for $VROOM)


$VROOM is a community-owned artwork initiated by Aluminum Grounds. Upon launch, we minted ~472.9 billion tokens ($VROOM), with over 40% available for open enrollment to all automotive enthusiasts.

Launched in June of 2024 on Base Network with an Airdrop shortly after.

Our token allocation strategy builds off of the backs of the giants before us. It is planned to ensure a balanced distribution and support for the $VROOM ecosystem.

Our launch process retains 5% of the supply as a fee for deploying $VROOM. Additionally, there is a 1% inflation rate set to begin in 2028.

$VROOM is a memecoin. Our tokenomics provide clarity on distribution, but always conduct your own research. This is not financial advice!


*15% of Supply is in circulation after Airdrop 1 through the initial LP, rewards, & the Airdrop


0% of allocated funds have been distributed.

The strategy here is to encourage unification of fans of 'things' with engines. This includes members of the /f1 and /velocity vibes communities on Farcaster. It also includes collectors of car-related collections like "Rusty Rollers" by, "Jay Pegs Auto Mart," and "DRIVE //" by Dave Krugman

DescriptionStatusSupply %
Open Enrollment Airdrop (Airdrop 1)Planned Airdrop15%
Pit Crew Airdrop (Airdrop 2)Coming soon20%
"Creative Name" (Airdrop 3)Coming soon25%
*25% of Supply is in circulation after Airdrop 1 through the initial LP, rewards, & the Airdrop

Liquidity & Rewards

0% of allocated funds have been distributed

DescriptionStatusSupply %
Starting Grid (Initial Pool)Coming soon15%
Lap Rewards (Reward Pool)Coming soon9.5%

Maintenance and Support

Keep your $VROOM token in peak condition by staying engaged with our community. Regular participation and contribution will ensure you get the most out of your investment.

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